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Bill's motorcycle repair and restore!

1986 Honda Shadow VT1100

Darn it I did not take picture before I take it all apart! OH Well!


Finally complete a parts!

Working on front cylinder head!

See how it looks!

Damn oil did not feed there it eat up the alum!
See right side camshaft end. Its hard to see from here!
Oh Fraggin $600 buck just for three pieces!

My Brother, Thad came to help me after
I am ready to assembly with my motorcycle,
We use this to polish it complete alum parts.

New paint complete frames and body parts.
We putting thing together!

How does that look? AWESOME eh!

Engine size 1100cc
Whew it weight approx 300 lbs got to have hoist.

That's me

What do you think ?

Hey Bro save that for me! (Cake)

Ahhhhhhhh COOL in the house,
it was over 115 degree outside!