f6gal 2; deer 'n turtles 0

Ya know, deer killin' hurts a hell of a lot more than turtle killin'. But, they sewed me up and put the broken pieces back together. Things turned out much worse for the deer.

I'm one hurtin' puppy right now. Broken right ulna; stitches in my forehead, elbow and knees. My face looks like I slid down the road on it (oh yeah, I did). I'm trying to figure out if there is anywhere that doesn't hurt. On the bright side, by the looks of my helmet, it did it's job very well.

BigBF was taking pics (bless his little black heart), he'll probably post 'em later. Actually, he can be quite the mother hen; he was really looking out for me. I don't care what y'all think, that guy is the salt of the earth.

Thanks everyone for you prayers and good wishes, Connie