She is ok and oh boy I have to tell you that she's really Tough lady...

Accident happen at 30 miles East of Globe, AZ.

I was right beside (behind) her I saw big Deer right in the center of our lane. I slowed down quickly and F6GAL, I'm not sure if she ever slow down, maybe she did at last minutes, then finally big deer run off to north side and there's two small deer coming out in blind spot to follow big deer ... Connie hit third small deer... Oh man, I saw cloud of blood and it got blood on me and my Valkyrie anyway after she hit the small deer, I saw her fell off the bike and she landed her face on the pavement pretty hard and her new sheild pop off and flew high and her bike flipping over few times. I pulled over right away and went to see Connie and she got blood running out of her forehead (leftside) and I went to my bike and grab my clean shirt out of my T-bag and put my shirt on her forehead... while she hit the deer I thought oh no that was it but thank gawd she's alive and I'm glad she is... We were doing at 75 mph (I think).

Her right arm was cracked and there's few stitches on her left forehead and her right elbow and left leg. I spend time with her and help her in hostipal. Did I said that's She's real tough Lady? I'm sure she will hell lot of pain tomorrow all over her body... I think She'll need one of those Psycho's drugs :D Big Grin

I will never forget what I saw.

Hey Connie, Don't worry about sorry it just happen... I mean Sh*t happen.... anyway get well so we can finish our ride for Iron Butt soon... :D Big Grin

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