Arizona Bike Week 2002

Bikers by Roadsiderizona bikers are getting together on April 5th through April 14th attending to many different places. It is good time to meet other motorcyclists and see some cool bikes (or gals). Oh! Also, it is great excuse to get out of the house and catch some wind... It is, mostly and best of all, for fun! Thanks to Arizona Bike Week Sponsors!

BigBF and his Valk!BigBF and Mike worked out the plan for Arizona Bike Week 2002. Our plan is flexible and subject to change depending on the situation during the week. There are so many places to go but, unfortunately, most of them are expensive. With our plan, it is and should be affordable (only if you don't include the expense of buying a new motorcycle) so we can have plenty of fun for a whole ten days without being broken or sell off our favorite Laz-boy chair and T.V. set! We are open to your suggestions, please let BigBF know! Please check back here daily for update or change. Please see BigBF and Mike's plan for more information and, while you are at it, see the pictures!

Are you motorcyclist? You can join with us. We are aware that you might have to work during the week, however, if there is any chance that you could take time off from work and join the fun. Consider this as your best day off in a long time! On each day, we suggested that everybody meet us at Mike or BigBF's place before leaving for the trip - see sidebar for direction/Maps or contact BigBF for more information.

Hope ya'll join us!